A 2007 performance of John Cage's MUSICIRCUS at Kansas City Art Institute

An ArtSounds performance produced by Dwight Frizzell, Kansas City Art Institute and Andrew Granade, UMKC Conservatory .

Dwight Frizzell's SCRAT for NewEar Chamber Ensemble

Time-pod soundscape composition for video projections, 8‐channel sound, cello, flute, dog whistle, bass clarinet, alto sax, contralto clarinet, bassoon, audio oscillators, Tesla coil, electro‐magnetic whistlers, percussion, animal and environmental sounds

Meet the Myth-Science Ensemble

Dwight Frizzell

Frizzell’s teachers included Sun Ra, clarinetist Raymond Luedeke and video artist Douglas Davis. He is Professor of Sound and Converging Media at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Thomas Aber

Aber studied bass clarinet with Harry Sparnaay at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam.


HELIOPHONIE 2020: Cell 8 ~ Myth-Science Ensemble

“We are children of the sun--each and everyone." -- Sun Ra

Our sun rings like a bell every 4 minutes 48 seconds (as initiated here on a solar gong). Overtones pulse in quadra-pole rotation (realized by the instrumentalists mixed in surround). The solar storms moving vigorously through the heliosphere are sonified here by Patrick Conway on the congas, opening gates to the sun’s harmonic streams.

A performance of Dwight Frizzell's BRIDGE at Kansas City Art Institute

Featuring singing bowl student ensemble under the direction of Steve Donofrio

Bridge: Missouri River bridge as an instrument

The singing bridge at Highway 291, northeast of Independence, is a magnificent traffic-activated instrument. Its voice can be appreciated by nestling an ear on its metal understructure or attaching a contact microphone, as done here.

BRIDGE is offered as a meditation on crossing boundaries of all kinds.