From Ark to Microchip
September 30th ~ Thursday Night Special
KKFI 90.1 FM Kansas City Community Radio

9|30 at 7pm on KKFI 90.1 FM
Captured Bird: As We Are on the Inside

An extraordinary album of heart-felt songs and personal reflections from the young artists in the Spring 2021 Sound Art Collaborative at the Kansas City Art Institute, featuring:

Jessica Andreas – vocals, bass, lyrics
Kyle Caris – guitar, bass, mix, production
Caitlyn Dreher – guitar, vocals, lyrics
Dan Rawlings – djembe
Jack Stanley – keyboard
Dwight Frizzell – WX5, clarinet, instructor

Sound Art Collaborative is a group of interdisciplinary art students at KCAI who meet weekly to collectively compose music through live ensemble improvisation.

The group attempts to create an open, flexible and inclusive social practice within their ensemble, in public performance, in the creation of recordings and through collaborations with other organizations and artists.

Listen to the Captured Bird playlist on YouTube

9|30 at 7:30 pm on KKFI 90.1 FM
Tree of Life: The Music of Evolution

Charles Darwin’s ‘Tree of Life’ chart from his Origin of Species was used to create this music – 3.6 billion years of our evolutionary history in just 16 minutes. Darwin’s diagram represents his central organizing vision that all species evolved from a common ancestor in the distant past.

From a single starting point, genetic changes in different populations send species down evolutionary pathways. Some branches survive, others split off to form new branches. Some branches wither with species extinct. Similarly, the instrumental parts in this work flow through the branching lines of divergence and extinction, increasing in complexity and diversity — from simple, single-celled organisms to our present-day bio-diversity.

Performed by Myth-Science Ensemble, the National Audio Theater Festivals and clarinetists from the University of Arkansas under the direction of Cholpachi Cholthitchanta with Tim Simmons as Charles Darwin. Composed by Michael Henry and Dwight Frizzell.

Hear Tree of Life in concert performance on YouTube

Meet the Myth-Science Ensemble

Dwight Frizzell

Frizzell’s teachers included Sun Ra, clarinetist Raymond Luedeke and video artist Douglas Davis. He is Professor of Sound and Converging Media at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Thomas Aber

Aber studied bass clarinet with Harry Sparnaay at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam.


HELIOPHONIE 2021: Cell One ~ Myth-Science Ensemble

“We are children of the sun--each and everyone." -- Sun Ra

Heliophonie (Sun Sound) is music performed in-sync with the sun’s harmonic tones. The solar sphere oscillates like a bell ringing every 4 minutes 48 seconds (as heard on a Solar Gong). Overtones pulse in quadra-pole rotation (realized by the instruments and electronics as heard here). The golden light of the sun unites humanity with other Earthly creatures and life forms throughout the solar system.

A performance of Dwight Frizzell's BRIDGE at Kansas City Art Institute

Featuring singing bowl student ensemble under the direction of Steve Donofrio

Bridge: Missouri River bridge as an instrument

The singing bridge at Highway 291, northeast of Independence, is a magnificent traffic-activated instrument. Its voice can be appreciated by nestling an ear on its metal understructure or attaching a contact microphone, as done here.

BRIDGE is offered as a meditation on crossing boundaries of all kinds.