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SLIPPAGES — after the paintings of Warren Rosser
actions for woodwinds, digital tape and 4-channel sound
created in parallel to Warren Rosser’s painting installation Repeat Offender

“…a musical interpretation of Kansas City Art Institute faculty member Warren Rosser’s large-scale paintings…orchestrated for clarinet, bass clarinet and a pair of ‘zwooms.’ These contraptions allow for a sweeping disbursement of sound. Frizzell and Aber circled the microphones at the center of the cathedral, emitting a wide swath of primal sound in a series of register-hopping trills.”

–Robert Eisele, The Kansas City Star

Listen LIVE now on 90.1 FN KKFI Kansas City Community Radio – From Ark to Microchip – 11:30pm.

Shows are typically archived and available for 2 weeks after broadcast.

Slippages is a musical realization and performance by Dwight Frizzell and Thomas Aber made in response to of Warrren Rosser’s room-sized paintings from his Repeat Offender series. Having rendered an encoded script audible, Rosser’s animations are lifted off the canvas to activate the time-shifting compositional strategies of Aber and Frizzell. As they explain: “micro-tonal phasing between two clarinets, Doppler effects created by zwooms (long-hose instruments), rotating phrases slipping in and out of sync, and the use of a microphone array for dynamic panning.” Transposing the audible to Rosser’s visual navigations, “unfolding orbs repeat and crack open leaving traces where they have been. Ellipses rotate within themselves and in larger circling colligatives, both revealing and reveling in the animated forms of Rosser’s images.”

–From the catalog Warren Rosser: Repeat Offender
November 30, 2001-Februrary 9, 2002

Warren Rosser is the William T. Kemper Distinguished Professor of Painting and Chair of Painting at the Kansas City Art Institute. His work is collected and exhibited internationally.

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