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BCR, the original Afro-Nuclear Wavabilly Funk Swing Reggae Turska Band, visits planet Earth! From live gigs with the Kronos Quartet to the delighted ears of Dementians tuning in to the Dr. Demento Show, the unfazeable BCR never sleeps. Through appearances on stage with media- Medusoids like Sun Ra, Ronald Shannon Jackson or Wavy Gravy, satellite uplinks with Don Cherry and Alvin Curran, or stints with Ziggy Marley’s band, BCR has remained true to their roots in swirling black holes, time-travel, and the endless dance of cosmo-love.





“Duke Ellington meets Sun Ra.”

Columbia Daily Tribune

“BCR is as original as you can get and still have identifiable roots on which to hang a hook, beat or label.”

EAR Magazine

“An intellectual/spiritual/sensory happening like practicing Kama Sutra positions with Madame Blavatsky.”

Bruce Rodgers, eKC

“The back of their CD bears the mention “Afro-Nuclear Wavabilly Funk Swing Reggae Turska Band” and it’s as good a description as any. Led by the multi-reedist Rev. Dwight Frizzell, this group (the word “troupe” would also be fitting) proposes an endearing take on Sun Ra’s cosmic jazz.”

Francois Couture, All-Music Guide

“Prepare for a Mind Fuck!”

Lisa Thatcher


(bass clarinet, bari sax, gaida)
Thomas is clarinetist with the Omaha Symphony, newEar and the Myth-Science Ensemble. He studied bass clarinet with the Harry Sparnaay in the Netherlands where he also played with Sweelinck Conservatorium. He is a founding member of newEar, Myth-Science Ensemble, and performer with BCR since 1982. Thomas also plays traditional music on a variety of wind instruments, with and without bags, such as the gaida, doedelzak, torupill, zurna, alboka, and tullum.

(congas, percussion, alto sax, vocals)
Patrick is director of Gamelan Genta Kasturi and master percussionist with Mambo DeLeon Orquesta, Boogaloo 7 and the Traditional Music Society. As a composer and reed player (adding saxophone and bassoon), Patrick is also a key member of the People’s Liberation Big Band and BCR (for over two decades). His teachers include Master African Drummer Abubakari Lunna‐Wumbie and ethnomusicologist David Locke. He is a founding member of newEar, and recipient of the Charlotte Street Foundation’s Generative Performing Artist Award.

(clarinet, tenor sax, WX5, vocals)
Dwight is Professor of Converging Media at the Kansas City Art Institute. He is the recipient of a Peabody Award for his work with his childhood neighbor Harry S. Truman (as part of Lost & Found Sound), and two NEA grants for his From Ark to Microchip radio series (heard weekly on KKKI-FM). Dwight studied Afro-Futurist metaphysics with Sun Ra and video art with Douglas Davis. He worked with John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Stelarc, Moby, Step Buddy Anderson, Ellen Fullman, David Cope, David Ossman, Victor Papanek, and Alvin Curran among others. Frizzell is a founding member of newEar, BCR and Myth-Science Ensemble.

(drums, Nubia tar, vocals)
Allaudin is a master musician gathering people in pursuit of the miraculous. He is the leader of the Sufi Islamia Ruhaniat Society, and Cherag in Universal Worship by Murshida Fatima. He studied Nubian tar with Hamza El Din, Zen with Soen Sa Nim and experienced darshan with Murshid Moineddin. He is a founding member of BCR, performing on drums, percussion and vocals since 1982.

(bass, vocals)
Mark is a composer-singer-bass player; and President and Chief Engineer for Markossa Studios. His Emmy-Awarded work as a producer has been featured on VH1. He produced projects for a wide variety of artists including Jim Cosgrove, Allaudin Ottinger and Monique Danielle. He was bandleader of Afrique and The Messengers, and bassist-songwriter-producer for BCR since 1997.

(guitar, guitar synth, Hermes harp)
Julia performed as a guitarist in the Kansas City area since 1982 with bands as diverse as Millard Fillmore, One of Us, Afrique, The Messengers, Joey Skidmore Band, Gerald Trimble Ensemble (where she played the Arabic lute) and Venus Envy. Her rock stylings can be heard on Joey Skidmore’s “Ventiloquist Doll” CD, and her lute work on Gerald Trimble’s “Celtic Cantigas.” She composed music for the National Audio Theatre Festivals, working with Firesign Theatre’s Phil Proctor and “Starstruck” author Elaine Lee. Julia has been the guitarist for BCR since Y2K.

Special Featured Guests

Thaylia Smith (Queen of Space vocals)
Allan Winkler (percussion)

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