BCR Band 2022

The BCR Players ~ 2022

(bass clarinet, bari sax, gaida, alboka, Cornish bagpipes)
Tom studied bass clarinet with the legendary Harry Sparnaay at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam. He earned his DMA in clarinet from the Conservatory of the University of Missouri at Kansas City. Tom was bass clarinetist with the Omaha Symphony for decades and co-founded both newEar Contemporary Chamber Ensemble and Myth-Science Ensemble. He premiered the first fractal-generated composition, Elegy by Charles Dodge, while working with the composer at UMKC in 1989. In addition to the family of clarinets, he also plays traditional music on gaida, doedelzak, torupill, zurna, alboka and tulum. He has been a reed player and soloist with BCR since their second performance 1982.
Toward the Empyrean Heaven
Oceans of Kansas concert performance
David Mastikosa’s 60 seconds! for bass clarinet
(congas, percussion, alto sax, vocals)
Pat is a percussionist, wind player and composer. He has studied with master drummers from around the world including Abubakari Lunna-Wumbie, Frisner Augustín, Felipe Garcia Villamil, Alejandro Carvajal and I Ketut Gedé Asnawa. Pat holds a Masters in Music Composition from UMKC Conservatory. He was a founding member of newEar and and works with Chris Hazelton’s Boogaloo 7, Mundo Nuovo, and BCR. He served as director of the community Balinese gamelan orchestra Gamelan Genta Kasturi from 2006-2019. He performed with Gillham Park Orchtet, Grupo Aztlan, National Audio Theatre Festivals, Traditional Music Society, Mambo DeLeon Orchestra, Brad Cox Ensemble, Necessity Brass Band and many more. He is a recipient of the Charlotte Street Foundation Generative Performing Artist Fellow Award
. Pat joined BCR in 1997 as percussionist, saxophonist, bassoonist, singer and composer. 

(clarinet, tenor sax, WX5, wilderness sounds, vocals)
Rev. Dwight is a composer, performer, writer and video artist. Dwight studied Afro-Futurist metaphysics with Sun Ra and video art with Douglas Davis. His teachers and mentors include clarinetist Raymond Luedeke, video artist Douglas Davis, Fellowship of Isis founder Lady Olivia Robertson and anarchist and Islamic scholar Hakim Bey, who ordained him in the Moorish Orthodox Church. He is Director of the Sound Minor program at KCAI. His work was broadcast on NPR, presented at Musée d’Art Moderne for the 12th Biennale de Paris and screened at the Worldwide Video Festival in Amsterdam. He worked with John Cage, Pauline Oliveros, Stelarc, Moby, Step Buddy Anderson, Ellen Fullman, David Cope, David Ossman, Victor Papanek, and Alvin Curran among others. Beyond the Black Crack – his 1976 LP based on time-shifting black holes – was included in the infamous and influential Nurse with Wound List. He is a founding member of BCR, Packed Fruit, newEar, Myth-Science Ensemble, The Pitch newspaper and the national Hear Now Festival.


(drums, Nubia tar, vocals)

Allaudin’s lifelong dedication to music’s ability to gather people in pursuit of the miraculous led him to Gurdjieff, Sufism, a deep darshan with Murshid Moineddin and study of the Nubian tar with Hamza El Din. Allaudin became leader of the Kansas City Sufi Center in 1979. He was ordained as Cherag in the Universal Worship by Murshida Fatima in 1980 and was honored with the title of Sheikh by Murshid Wali Ali in 1989. Allaudin produces Sufi inspired CDs including his most recent release Vision, Bewilderment and Love. He also plays and records with a Grammy-awarded children’s group. Allaudin is a founding member of BCR where his drumming and musical vision are celebrated internationally.


(Queen of Space vocals)
Thaylia is a native Kansas Citian who has loved singing from the time her Mama caught her belting out a song in front of a full-length mirror when she was five years old. Thaylia sang back-up for several artists at Center for Spiritual Living-Crossroads, and back-up for Toni Gates’ “One-by-One” concert in 2015. Her favorite gigs have been singing with Black Crack Revue as the Queen of Outer Space at various venues throughout Kansas City over the past seven years. Thaylia is married to long-time BCR percussionist/vocalist Pat Conway and is employed as a graphic designer at Kansas City Repertory Theatre.

(bass, vocals)
Mark is a composer-singer-bass player; and President and Chief Engineer for Markossa Studios. His Emmy-Awarded work as a producer has been featured on VH1. He produced projects for a wide variety of artists including Jim Cosgrove, Allaudin Ottinger and Monique Danielle. He was bandleader of Afrique and The Messengers, and bassist-songwriter-producer for BCR since 1997.

(guitar, guitar synth, Hermes harp)
Julia performed as a guitarist in the Kansas City area since 1982 with bands as diverse as Millard Fillmore, One of Us, Afrique, The Messengers, Joey Skidmore Band, Gerald Trimble Ensemble (where she played the Arabic lute) and Venus Envy. Her rock stylings can be heard on Joey Skidmore’s “Ventiloquist Doll” CD, and her lute work on Gerald Trimble’s “Celtic Cantigas.” She composed music for the National Audio Theatre Festivals, working with Firesign Theatre’s Phil Proctor and “Starstruck” author Elaine Lee. Julia has been the guitarist for BCR since Y2K.

Allan is an animal-hybrid artist and musician. He attended the Chicago Art Institute and the Kansas City Art Institute where he earned a degree in Ceramics. He is well known for his metal and paper cutouts, ceramic work and murals. Allan also creates art and instruments with found objects and has been contributing his percussion skills to ensembles like Gamelan Genta Kasturi and Heart of Darkness. Allan has been contributing art and playing as a guest with BCR since the late 1980s. He has been a full-time member for the past four years, and is featured in BCR’s Sphinx Edition 2022.


BCR, the original Afro-Nuclear Wavabilly Funk Swing Reggae Turska Band, visits planet Earth! From live gigs with the Kronos Quartet to the delighted ears of Dementians tuning in to the Dr. Demento Show, the unfazeable BCR never sleeps. Through appearances on stage with media- Medusoids like Sun Ra, Ronald Shannon Jackson or Wavy Gravy, satellite uplinks with Don Cherry and Alvin Curran, or stints with Ziggy Marley’s band, BCR has remained true to their roots in swirling black holes, time-travel, and the endless dance of cosmo-love.





“Duke Ellington meets Sun Ra.”

Columbia Daily Tribune

“BCR is as original as you can get and still have identifiable roots on which to hang a hook, beat or label.”

EAR Magazine

“An intellectual/spiritual/sensory happening like practicing Kama Sutra positions with Madame Blavatsky.”

Bruce Rodgers, eKC

“The back of their CD bears the mention “Afro-Nuclear Wavabilly Funk Swing Reggae Turska Band” and it’s as good a description as any. Led by the multi-reedist Rev. Dwight Frizzell, this group (the word “troupe” would also be fitting) proposes an endearing take on Sun Ra’s cosmic jazz.”

Francois Couture, All-Music Guide

“Prepare for a Mind Fuck!”

Lisa Thatcher

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